University of Kentucky moves forward with investigation into fraternity tailgate party


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- The University of Kentucky says it is continuing its investigation into 18-year-old freshman Jacob Heil as well as that fraternity tailgate party where he allegedly got alcohol, despite the fact that fraternity’s charter was revoked by its national organization on Wednesday.

“Those are students at the university so we will be going through our process irrespective of what the national organization has done,” said Jay Blanton, spokesperson for the University of Kentucky.

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Alpha Tau Omega may no longer be an official fraternity on campus but university officials say its members are still at the heart of their investigation.

“We are starting our investigation by talking to members of that chapter,” said Blanton.

That’s because UK officials say they have reason to believe Jacob Heil was given alcohol at an off campus tailgate party hosted by the fraternity last Saturday before police say Heil drove off and hit and killed four-year-old Marco Shemwell.

“We’re still investigating the origins of that party but there was some sort of alleged off campus party where there was, we believe alcohol was consumed,” said Blanton.

The university says it is investigating the conduct of other students at that party and disciplinary action may be taken.

A move some students agree with but others say goes too far.

“I think they took the correct measures,” said Federico Puyana, a UK student.

“I think the fraternity might have influenced him to drink but i don’t think the fraternity would have influenced him to drive home drunk,” said Alexis Hadden, a UK student.

The university says the investigation could last for weeks.