Barnstable Brown Kentucky Derby Gala donates over $1 million to the Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — The Barnstable Brown Gala, the premier Kentucky Derby Gala, has donated over $1 million from proceeds from its 2018 Gala to the University of Kentucky Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center.

Since 2008, the Barnstable Brown family has donated more than $15 million to the center from proceeds from the annual Barnstable Brown Derby Eve Gala held in Louisville, Kentucky, including this year’s 30th Gala.

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The 2018 U.S. News & World Report ranked diabetes care at the Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center 33rd in the nation. The center, which expanded and moved to its current Turfland location in 2017, treats more than 7,500 adult patients and 2,500 pediatric patients each year in the management and treatment of diabetes and related diseases.

The Center was first established when twins Patricia Barnstable Brown and Priscilla Barnstable, along with their mother, Wilma, pledged the initial funding to support the center in memory of Patricia Barnstable Brown’s husband, David, who passed away from complications of diabetes in 2003.