Days to find missing show dog are numbered


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A dog missing since last Thursday still hasn’t been found and its owners have to go home soon.

David and Pam Heintzelman say they will be heading back to Saint Louis, Mo. this weekend with, or without, their award-winning show dog, Lucy.

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She ran away from a Lexington hotel last Thursday while in town for the Bluegrass Classic Dog Show.

The Heintzelmans say the latest sighting they know of was at Good Foods Co-op off Southland Drive early Wednesday morning. David says a woman pulled in, saw Lucy, and went in the store to buy her food before going back out to her.

“The dog can run 35 miles an hour and if we don’t get a phone call as soon as you see her, in 15 minutes she could be blocks away,” said David Heintzelman.

Lucy has been missing, and on her own, for a week now. The Heintzelmans are concerned she may not be eating enough, and may become weak.

The family, with help from locals, are putting up trail cameras around the city, hoping to catch glimpses of her as she runs by. The family has also brought in other dogs, Lucy’s daughter and sister, to help with the search, but they, too, know something is wrong.

“They know Pam is feeling really terrible at this time and they realize that and they’re not eating well either,” said David Heintzelman. “It’s been hard.”

Now, the Heintzelmans just want their pet, that is more like family, back safe.

They say the important thing is if you see Lucy, you call them immediately and they will be on their way. The Heintzelmans say you should not try to catch or approach her, explaining whippets are a skittish breed, and will likely run away from someone they do not know.

If you see Lucy, the family asks you take a picture of her, then call Pam at (314)-304-2080.