KDP statement on RPK complaint against Secretary of State Grimes

Judge refuses to temporarily block new election-related law

FRANKFORT, Ky.(WTVQ)— The following is a statement from Kentucky Democratic Party spokeswoman, Marisa McNee, regarding the ethics complaint filed by the Republican Party of Kentucky against Secretary of State Grimes:

“The complaint filed by the Republican Party of Kentucky against Secretary of State Grimes is nothing more than a politicized stunt intended to undermine the public’s faith in Kentucky’s elections. It’s shameful and disgusting.

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“The law is crystal clear about the authority of Secretary of State Grimes as the state’s chief elections official. The nearly decade-old ethics opinion the Republican Party of Kentucky provides as ‘proof’ has nothing at all to do with the Secretary’s access to the voter registration database. It simply answers the question of whether the Secretary of State can oversee elections while running for office, and the Ethics Commission ruled they can. Are we supposed to believe the lawyers for the Republican Party don’t have the ability to recognize the difference? This is absurd.

“The Republican Party of Kentucky filed this complaint with an Executive Branch Ethics Commission that is currently entirely controlled by Republicans. All Kentuckians should be concerned when they see a stunt like this. The Republican Party of Kentucky knows the Executive Branch Ethics Commission, made up of five Bevin appointees, is not an impartial body and has no reason to comment on the duties of the state’s Chief Election Officer.”