Clark County shelter now requiring Hepatitis A vaccines


CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- Another homeless shelter in central Kentucky will soon require its residents to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A.

After learning about the Catholic Action Center in Lexington implementing a new policy requiring all residents be vaccinated for Hepatitis A, the folks at the Beacon of Hope Emergency Shelter in Clark County decided to do the same thing.

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Starting September first, everyone who stays at the Beacon of Hope will have to have the Hep A vaccine.

Like the Catholic Action Center, Beacon of Hope partnered with the health department to vaccinate everyone without insurance for free.

Those who work at the shelter say this new policy will help stop the spread of the virus here in central Kentucky and give piece of mind to people staying here.

“We just want to be good neighbors. We want to promote good health. We do everything we can to keep the place clean and sanitary and to help everyone stay well,” said Sandra Snowden with The Beacon of Hope.

Those at the Beacon of Hope say they hope more and more shelters will adopt the policy so they can try and keep everyone in the community safe.