WATCH: “My Brother’s Burden March” comes to Ky


GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – Georgetown drivers found an unusual line of traffic backing up U.S. 25 on Thursday. At the front? Firefighters, on foot.

Firefighters go to work every day to protect the lives of others. Now, they’re walking to raise awareness and call on the government to help save theirs.

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The “My Brother’s Burden March” started Sunday in Burlington and ends Friday in Lexington.

The march’s main goal is to bring awareness to just how prevalent PTSD, and ultimately suicide, is in firefighters.

According to a study by the Ruderman Family Foundation, nationally 103 firefighters committed suicide in 2017, just slightly more than the 93 who died in the line of duty. That same study shows that first responders are five times more likely to develop PTSD than other people.

That’s why those marching say firefighters and their families deserve more help from the government than they get.

They hope this march will push lawmakers into action, and encourage others in the community to let firefighters know how much they are appreciated.