LEXINGTON, Ky- (WTVQ)- It’s the first day of school in Fayette County, but it’s not the first day when it comes to school safety concerns.

But there have been several changes to answer a few of those questions.

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First, the installment of metal detectors at Frederick Douglass High School back in May, after a student accidentally shot himself during class.

That incident caused major concern among school officials, parents, and student about school security.

Frederick Douglass is the first Lexington high school to have free-standing metal detectors installed.

This is giving the district a chance to work out any issues before installing them in other schools.

The Fayette County Board of Education first approved fixed metal detectors inside schools earlier in March.

But even with the installment of metal detectors, safety comes at a price.

Opponents of a tax increase to pay for school security are now making a push to get on the ballot.

Hundreds of people signed a petition earlier this month that would allow people living in the county to vote on the tax increase.

The Board of Education approved it, but it will only go to a county-wide vote if 14,000 people sign the petition by the end of the month.

With it being the first day of classes, we’ll see how the metal detectors enhance school security and what new changes are on the way.