Madison Co. Schools ready for the school year


MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) — Madison County Schools are ready for a safe school year and so is school resource officer Whitney Maupin.

Officer Maupin has been Madison Central High School’s resource officer for 10 years now.

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He knows exactly what to do if your child’s lives are ever put in danger.

“My main function here at Madison Central first and foremost is to ensure that our students and our staff are safe throughout the school day,” says Officer Maupin.

Not only is he the school’s resource officer, he’s also a teacher and a friend to the students there.

“A lot of times you may be the only person that has said anything good to them throughout the day,” says Officer Maupin. “Or you may be the only person that’s told them they could do something they’re trying to do.”

Maupin’s job is just one part of the district’s safety plan. This year it’s added 20 new security officers – two in each high school and one in every other school.

Madison Central has also limited its entry ways. Students have three ways to get into the building in the mornings but those doors lock at 8 a.m. on the dot.

Also, all staff is required to be in the hallways between classes to make sure everything is going smoothly.

“It also provides another 175 set of eyeballs as to what’s happening around us,” Maupin says.

The district’s been discussing other ways to make its schools safer.

But Officer Maupin has some of his own ideas.

“I hope to see some random wanding to maybe just provide a sense of security for our staff and our students,” he says. “And hopefully we don’t find anything.”

Officer Maupin says he’s excited for the new school year.

Students at Madison County Schools start back August 22nd.