Madison County Sheriff’s Office warns of jury duty scam


MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – If you get a call from someone saying you owe money for missing jury duty, beware.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office says it is receiving complaints about a man representing himself as a deputy and asking for money due to missed jury duty.

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The sheriff’s office says it is a scam.

Those who have received the call say the number provided by the suspect is 859-353-3662 and when it’s call, a recording states it’s the Madison County Sheriff’s Department.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office says the number is not associated with its office.

The office also says it is not the standard operating procedure of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office to call and solicit money due to warrants or any criminal complaint and anyone who receives one of these calls should hang up and call 859-623-1511.