Woman defends man who shot her husband in Jackson County

Jess D. Messer was charged with murder and tampering with evidence after police say he shot and killed 27 year-old Jacob Simpson.


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A woman is speaking out after she says her husband was killed by a man trying to protect her and her mother.

“I want my husband back. I don’t want to see someone else’s life ruined because they were trying to help,” says the wife of Jacob Simpson.

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Police say Simpson was shot on Old Island City Road near the Jackson-Owsley county line. Jess D. Messer was later charged with murder and tampering with evidence.

Simpson’s wife, who didn’t want to be identified, is defending Messer after she claims her husband’s drug abuse caused him to become violent. She claims he attacked her and her mother.

While she believes Messer acted in self-defense, she’s still heartbroken over the loss of her husband.

“I just wanted him to get help. That’s all I wanted. I just wanted him to get help like he needed. He didn’t need to die.”

Simpson’s wife did say she had a EPO out against Simpson and has yet to speak with his family despite several phone calls.