Governor launches new apprenticeship pilot program


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- Governor Bevin announced the launch of a new apprenticeship pilot program on Tuesday which will help students interested in a state government career gain on-the-job skills and opportunities.

Gov. Bevin was joined by several of his cabinet secretaries for the launch of the new pilot program which he says will first focus on recruiting candidates into social services careers.

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The paid apprenticeship will be available to high school and college students.

Participants will have the option of working in administrative, social or family services within the state’s Department for Community Based Services.

Gov. Bevin says this program will not only give students another pathway to a career but help the state recruit more qualified workers.

“This is a way to start to bring young people on board and start to assimilate them into the process early so that they can figure out literally part-time as they’re doing this, whether or not this is something that they really want to do and I can assure you any of them who complete this process and have a heart to serve, we have more than enough room for them,” said Gov. Bevin.

The governor says if the pilot program goes well it will then be expanded to other departments within the state government.