Police initiative leads to 47 arrests in Lexington


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- A major roundup this week in Lexington resulted in the arrests of almost 50 people.

The police department says they worked with state and federal partners to search for people with active warrants.

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It’s part of the National Project Safe Neighborhoods Initiative which focuses on catching violent offenders and those with big charges such as assault and sex crimes.

Lexington officers say in this round up they arrested several people accused of distributing drugs that led to an overdose death, plus two people they think were involved in trafficking large amounts of meth and heroin at a local hotel.

In total, 47 people were arrested.

  • 47 arrests
  • More than 60 felony warrants served
  • Seven firearms seized (2 stolen)
  • $8,100 cash seized
  • Drugs seized:
    • 270 grams methamphetamine
    • 220 grams heroin
    • Crack cocaine
    • Marijuana


The following individuals were charged:


Barton, Kenneth, A. PFO II Warrant Served
Bent, Lawrence Carrying Concealed Weapon, PDP, PCS 1st-Heroin, TICS (Meth)
Blackwell, Savannah Unlawful Access to Computer Warrant, RSP U/$500 Warrant, Probation Violation (Felony) Warrant
Burdell, Thomas R. Flagrant Non Support Warrant, FTA, Contempt, TICS 1st
Bradley, Derrick D. Fleeing 1st(MV) Warrant, RSP U/$10,000 Warrant, Poss of Cont Sub 1st-3rd Offense Heroin Warrant, Poss of Handgun by Convicted Felon Warrant, PDP Warrant, PFO I Warrant
Briggs, Kim, R. PCS 1st-Cocaine, PDP, Giving Officer False Identifying Info, Contempt of Court
Centers, Darren Parole Violation (Felony) Warrant
Collins, Essence TICS (Heroin)
Cox, Taylor L Burglary 2nd Warrant, TBUT U/$500
Finnell, Thomas E. FTA Warrant
Fishback, Demarco Flagrant Non Support Warrant
Floyd, Jeffery Contempt of Court, Flagrant Non Support Warrant
Hall, Corey M. TBUT O/$500 Warrant, TBUT O/$500
Hanley, Michael Violations of Conditions of Release, TICS 1st-Heroin, Tampering, PDP, Resisting Arrest
Hayes, Michael Probation Violation Warrant
Hawkins, Teddy, S. TICS (Heroin), Firearm
Hazuga, Caz G. Criminal Poss Forged Inst 2nd Warrant x3, Criminal Poss Forged Inst 2nd x3
Hinkle, Stephanie Probation Violation Warrant x2
Huff, Dallas TBUT Shoplifting O/$500 Warrant
Huff, Kara Burglary 2nd Warrant x2, Theft of Identity Warrant, TBUT O/$500 Warrant, Theft by Deception Warrant, Fraud Use of CC Warrant, Careless Driving Warrant, PDP Warrant, Poss Cont Sub 1st-2nd Offense-Cocaine Warrant, Poss Cont Sub 1st-Heroin Warrant, Criminal Poss Forged Inst 2nd Warrant, Promoting 1st Warrant, Giving Officer False Info Warrant, PFO 1st Warrant
Jarrell, Brandy TBUT Warrant, Poss Cont Subs.-Heroin, Poss of Marijuana
Johnson, Bryan W. Parole Violation (Felony) Warrant
Johnson, Charles W. Poss Cont Subs-Heroin, PDP, Contempt of Court x2
Johnson, Johnathan Assault 4th (Dating) Warrant
Johnson, William C. FTA Warrant x2
Juvenile Fleeing/Evading 2nd (Foot), Receiving Stolen Firearm, Poss of Handgun by Minor, Tampering
Juvenile RSP (Firearm)
Lee, Porche PDP, Endangering Welfare of Minor, TICS – Heroin, TICS – Meth
Lowe, Julian S. Jr. Fleeing/Evading 1st (MV) Warrant, Leaving the Scene of Accident
Martinez, Frank Sodomy 1st Warrant, Sexual Abuse 1st Victim U/12 x 5 Warrant, Contempt Warrant
McGowan, Robert TICS (heroin), possibly related to an overdose death
Minniefield, Krystal M. FTA Warrant
Mobley, Michael L. Carrying  Concealed Weapon, PDP, Endangering Welfare of Minor, Poss of Handgun by Convicted Felon, TICS – Heroin, TCS – Meth
Morrison, Virginia Theft By Deception Warrant
Perez, Daniel RSP O/$500 Warrant, TBUT-Felony Warrant
Phillips, Sheri A. Hindering Warrant
Roberts, Angie D. Poss Cont Subs-Cocaine, PDP
Rudd, Jarred Probation Violation (Felony) Warrant
Smith, Anthony D. Flagrant Non Support Warrant, FTA, Contempt
Smithhart, David PDP, Poss Cont Subs – Heroin, TICS – Meth
Stockton, Kenneth P. Fraud Use of Credit Card Warrant
Washington, Demarquis, O’Brien Flagrant Non Support Warrant, Probation Violation (Misdemeanor)
Warmouth, Brian TBUT O/$500 Warrant
Williams, Jackie FTA- Poss of Synthetic Drugs Warrant
Williams, Terence A. TBUT-Shoplifting O/$500 Warrants x2
Wireman, Rosa PDP, Giving Officer False Name, FTA Warrant
Young, Bobby R. Assault 2nd DV Warrant


FTA – Failure to Appear

PDP – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

PFO – Persistent Felony Offender

RSP – Receiving Stolen Property

TBUT – Theft by Unlawful Taking

TICS – Trafficking in Controlled Substance