Animal shelter closes adoption center due to understaffing


CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- The Clark County Animal Shelter has closed its adoption center while it looks for more employees.

Currently the shelter has just three employees, the shelter director, one full time attendant and one part time attendant.

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“Our staff has been working lots of overtime, lots of volunteer hours to try and keep things going and we’re just exhausted,” said Adreanna Wills, director of the Clark County Animal Shelter.

After months of doing her best to keep the shelter up and running fully, Wills, says she can’t do it anymore.

“We can’t keep going on physically, it’s not safe. It’s not safe for the public when there is only one of us available,” said Wills.

Wills says in a shelter budgeted to have 5 full time employees, she only has one.

“We’re not drawing the people that we need to fill these positions,” said Wills.

Wills says she’s been trying to hire more people for years but with a starting salary right around $12, along with the stress and qualification needed for the job, it’s not happening.

“So it’s not that people are just coming and leaving. It’s that we can’t get somebody there in the first place,” said Wills.

That’s why Wills proposed the county increase the starting salary for these positions.

“So we’ve asked the fiscal court to move that starting grade up to 14-56 an hour and we think that might put us in a different pool to where we can recruit that individual we need to perform that job,” said Henry Branham, the Clark County Judge/Executive.

But on Thursday the court denied that increase, something Wills says was upsetting but something she will not let stop her.

“Ultimately I just hope that between our staff, the community and the fiscal court, that we can come up with a long term solution so that this is not something we ever have to face again,” said Wills.

The judge executive has called a special Fiscal Court meeting on Monday morning where the shelter will again try to convince the county to raise the salary for new hires.

People are still able to adopt animals from the shelter during this time.

The shelter says while walk-in’s are not permitted, anyone interested can call or go to the shelters website and set up an adoption appointment.