Family of murdered 6-year-old calls for change


WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- Ronald Exantus gets the maximum sentence allowed for his crimes, 20 years in prison.

In March, Exantus was found not guilty by reason of insanity for the 2015 murder of 6-year-old Logan Tipton of Versailles but was found guilty but mentally ill for three additional assault charges.

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On Tuesday, Tipton’s family and friends were in the courtroom for sentencing.

“I believe this man to be a coward. I believe him to have literally gotten away with murder,” said Heather Tipton, Logan’s mother.

At the sentencing, the Tipton family was still angry with the jury’s decision to find Exantus not guilty by reason of insanity for the little boy’s murder.

Tipton’s parents and his sister testified calling for the maximum sentence, saying Exantus destroyed their family.

In an emotional moment, Tipton’s mother spoke directly to Exantus.

“I will one day forgive you, for me. Not for you, for my soul, so I get to see my son. I just want you to think about that. Think about that that I will one day forgive you but it will be for me, not for you,” said Heather Tipton.

Several people came out to support the Tipton family on this day filled with raw emotion from anger to grief which turned into a movement to change laws and the judicial system, a movement the Tipton’s say isn’t going anywhere despite Tuesday’s sentence.

Despite the persistent rain, dozens of supporters of Logan Tipton came out to march together into the Woodford County Courthouse, showing their support for the Tipton family and bring awareness to a new law the family is trying to get passed.

“I see all these people here. They’re not going to let it go unnoticed and undone, they’re going to sit here and they’re going to fight with us every step of the way,” said Dean Tipton, Logan Tipton’s father.

People from across Woodford County came out early Tuesday morning to walk in solidarity with the Tipton family as the murder case of their son came to an end.

“We’re providing hope that our community can rebuild, that we can come together, that we can love another,” said Amanda Shryock, a friend of the Tipton family.

In addition to that, supporters also showed their support for “Logan’s Law”, a piece of legislation the family is trying to get passed.

“It’ll be like a helpless victim’s act for the elderly, the mentally disabled, the children, the people who can’t defend themselves,” said Dean Tipton.

The Tipton’s say the law would give victim’s families more rights during the judicial process and also take the not guilty by reason of insanity plea off the table, if the defendant admits they are guilty.

“You know, they should be guilty. Whether it be guilty but mentally ill, I can handle that but an innocent, it’s not right,” said Dean Tipton.

While that may be a lofty goal, the Tipton’s say they’re prepared to do whatever’s necessary.

“If I got to tweet the president every day, if I got to tweet our governor every day, send letters every day, sit outside the capitol every day, somebody will hear us and hear the injustice that’s been done to us,” said Dean Tipton.

Something Dean Tipton says his son would be proud of.

“Oh he’s up there smiling right now saying you go get them daddy. And that’s what we’ll do. We’re going to get them,” said Dean Tipton.

The Tipton family says they have only spoken to one lawmaker about “Logan’s Law” so far but will continue to fight to get it passed because they say they want to make sure no other family has to go through what they have been through these past few years.