Man accused of spray-painting Nazi symbols on business

joshua grubbs

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Lexington Police received a call around 9:30 Monday morning of a man wearing a ski mask and black clothing, while waving around a rifle.

The man appeared to be waving around an assault rifle outside of the Men’s Wearhouse on Vendor Way in Hamburg.

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When officers arrived, the man dropped the rifle and took off on foot toward the Best Buy.

Police caught up with him and arrested him without further incident.

42 year-old Joshua Grubbs was arrested by officers after they deemed his actions to be a danger to others and himself.

Grubbs is charged with disorderly conduct.

Police recovered the gun and found it to be an airsoft rifle that had been spray-painted black.

It is also believed that Grubbs spray-painted Nazi symbols on the building.

Grubbs has had run-ins with police before, so he is not a stranger to the law.

It is unknown if Grubbs has ties to any specific groups or organizations.