AG Beshear filed lawsuit to stop pension reform law


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- As expected, Attorney General Andy Beshear is suing to stop the pension reform law signed Tuesday by Governor Matt Bevin.

Beshear says the law is unconstitutional.

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Beshear is not the only plaintiff in this lawsuit, he is joined by the Kentucky Education Association and Kentucky’s Fraternal Order of police who say this pension reform is unconstitutional and breaks the commonwealth’s inviolable contract.

“The pension bill is government at its worst. It violates the rights of tens of thousands of kentuckians,” said AG Beshear.

Beshear filed the lawsuit Wednesday morning, arguing the pension bill violated the state’s constitution in dozens of ways.

“They fall into two major categories. The first are up to 15 violations of the inviolable contract and therefore the contracts clause of kentucky’s constitution,” said AG Beshear.

Those violations Beshear says include the bill’s well publicized clause that would cap teachers sick days at the end of this year.

The other major category Beshear mentioned is what he sees as the bill’s violation of statues outlining how a bill becomes a law.

“These provisions are intended to prevent a sewage bill from suddenly becoming a massive pension bill and passing both chambers on the same day,” said AG Beshear.

Governor Bevin was scheduled to make an appearance with his wife in the capitol Wednesday afternoon but did not show up.

However earlier that morning, Bevin’s communications director released a statement saying “the Beshears have always treated pensions as political currency” and went on to say “the attorney general has chosen a political path, one that will cause irreparable damage to public employees and taxpayers”.

AG Beshear has also filed a motion for temporary injunction which looks to stop the law from going into effect until after it is settled in court.

The attorney general tells me the motion could be heard in court as early as next week.