Suspect in multiple armed robberies arrested

Shane Kennedy will face a judge Thursday for seven counts of first degree robbery.


LEXINGTON, ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington police say a robbery suspect had a last-minute change of heart about turning himself in.

They say Shane Kennedy showed up at the jail Wednesday morning ‘asking’ to surrender, but then he ran away. Police caught him, quickly.

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Police suspect Kennedy in at least a half-dozen crimes including robberies. Using a gun in most of them.

One of those gas stations, he didn’t bring a gun. He threatened the clerk to give him the money in the register. After she refused, he ran out, he later returned wearing different clothes and ran out again with a thirty pack of beer after the clerk again refused to give him the money.

That robbery, along with several others, were caught on camera and police were able to identify him in the footage. He also left his fingerprints on a pack of cigarettes.

In one robbery, police say he told an employee at a Speedway, “give me the money or I’ll shoot you.”

He will face a judge Thursday on seven counts of first degree robbery as well as one second degree robbery charge.