EF-1 Tornado confirmed in Boyle County


BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- The National Weather Service has determined an EF-1 tornado caused some of Tuesday night’s storm damage in Boyle County.

Boyle County Emergency Management Director Mike Wilder was out with a National Weather Service survey crew on Thursday in the hard hit area.

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“Probably within five minutes after being there the meteorologist that was on scene came back and told me it was an EF 1 tornado,” says Wilder.

Wilder says it was easy for the crew to determine what happened based on the type of damage investigators saw.

“Of course the house across the road, we visited there and as we saw yesterday with that blown insulation being against the back side of that house was very indicative of some type of swirling motion,” says Wilder.

Wilder says this is the first confirmed tornado in Boyle County in more than ten years and that he’s impressed with how well the community reacted to the storm.

“It’s just become so much on the forefront anymore with flooding and ice storms and snow storms. People are more weather aware than they used to be and we do everything in our power to promote that, too,” says Wilder.

Emergency officials say most of the debris is cleaned up and they are now switching their attention to the snowfall that is expected this weekend.