“That’s a joke.”


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Saturday scrimmage for the football Cats was not a good one offensively.

OC Eddie Gran made that abundantly clear Tuesday.

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7 pre-snap penalties.  That’s not good.  The offensive line and wide receivers were at fault.

It’s fixable, but also more frustrating because of that.

While there’s bad in the past, there’s good in the now.

The offensive line, much like the offense in general, played well at the two spot back on Saturday.

Landon Young stood out with the ones.

As for the guys across the board, position coach John Schlarman says it’s all about consistency.

Young is the stud right now.

He admits he wasn’t always the most consistent guy every rep early on in his first two seasons.

Now, that’s not the case; there’s some fuel as to why with high praise from Schlarman and something else.

What?  Check out the video.

You can hear from Gran, Schlarman, Young and Terry Wilson in the clip as well.