Bowden or bust


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Spring football is in full gear Solid Blue fans.

We’ve mentioned the Cats want to make more explosive plays and progress at receiver would help do that.

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UK has a wealth of unproven talent…plenty of potential to stack up on the field.

But will it materialize?  Will a guy like Lynn Bowden fine tune his skillset and grow to help lead that effort?

Hear from OC Eddie Gran on what Bowden needs to do to improve in the video.

Bowden says he knows there’s a lot of work ahead to go from good to great.

He said he could barely hit 225 in the weight room when he arrived on campus.  Now, 225 is a regular rep.

The stud wide receiver is also learning how to use his weight to make plays.

Just how far has Bowden come and what’s still to come?

Hear from Co-OC Darin Hinshaw and Bowden in the video.