Lexington woman gets maximum sentence for DUI deaths of police officer and veteran


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- It’s the maximum, 20 years behind bars, for 28-year-old Suzanne Whitlow.

She was sentenced Friday for driving drunk in 2016, hitting and killing an off duty Louisville police officer and a veteran.

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You didn’t hear it because there are rules about who can speak in court but Jessica Schweitzer says if she could have she would’ve spoken right to Suzanne Whitlow.

“She left me without my husband. She left my kids without their father,” said Schweitzer.

Schweitzer was pregnant with her second child when her husband died on a visit to Lexington for a fraternal order of police convention.

Whitlow admits she had had several vodka cranberries when she hit 37-year-old Jason Schweitzer and 56-year-old Tim Moore on South Upper and Bolivar.

“I deserve to do time for what I did. Should’ve never done what I did and I just want to say I’m sorry,” said Whitlow.

Moore was a grandfather and navy veteran, just a year away from retirement at UK.

His family didn’t want to speak publicly.

Family and friends surrounded Schweitzer as she spoke about her husband, a vice president with River City FOP Lodge.

Whitlow has faced charges before, including a 2014 DUI.

She had just finished alcohol driver’s ed classes and a license suspension a few weeks before the crash that killed Schweitzer and Moore.

Schweitzer says she wishes she could’ve had more of a voice in court to speak up for the husband she’ll never see again.