Woman sues police, claims brother’s death was preventable


GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – A London woman is taking the city of Georgetown, the police chief and two officers to federal court, accusing them in what she claims is the “wrongful death” of her brother.

Lisa Williams says police “abandoned” her brother, Keith Burns, 48, at a restaurant after pulling him over and impounding his truck.

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Williams filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court, saying she believes Burns’ death could have been prevented had Georgetown police officers not left him at McDonald’s.

According to the suit, Burns was pulled over for erratic driving on U.S. 25 last October.

The lawsuit says Burns had improper tags, so his truck was impounded and he was in police custody.

Police called Williams’ husband, Les Williams, asking family to pick Burns up, according to the lawsuit. That’s when Williams claims officers dropped Burns off at the McDonald’s on Southgate Drive, and left.

When family got to Georgetown, from London, to get Burns, Williams says he wasn’t there.

According to the lawsuit, Williams learned a short time later, Burns was hit and killed by a van when he was walking along U.S. 25.

In the lawsuit, the family claims Burns was “obviously suffering from a serious medical condition when he was arrested,” going on to say that’s why he wasn’t taken to jail.

The family blames officers for Burns’ death, saying had they stayed with him until family arrived, or taken him to the hospital, he wouldn’t have been killed.

The Georgetown Police Department released the following statement in regards to the lawsuit.

“I am familiar with the complaint and we have reviewed the incident from the very beginning, and we feel firmly that the Georgetown officers responded appropriately,” said Police Chief Mike Bosse.

Williams is asking for a trial by jury, saying Burns’ estate is entitled to recover damages in order to “deter such conduct in the future.”