Road crews preparing for snow


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – District 7 personnel is reporting this evening to patrol and treat state routes as necessary.  Each winter event presents different challenges.  The 12 counties in District 7 are evaluated individually for treatment.  Air temperature, pavement temperature and the timing of precipitation are always taken into consideration.

Motorists should remember that previously treated routes can become slick as temperatures decline: this includes black ice.  Sections that typically freeze first are elevated; including bridges, ramps and overpasses.

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Forecast from the National Weather Service:

For information about state snow removal efforts and priority routes:

Priority A routes include major routes and those most heavily traveled such as interstates, which receive the highest priority for snow-clearing efforts.  Priority B and C routes include other important, but lesser-traveled state routes.

District 5 snow fighting crews are are also reporting for duty at midnight to treat roads as needed. They will work to have roads cleared as much as possible before morning rush hour.