KSP: Safe Schools Initiative helps prepare for the worst


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- To try and keep schools as safe as possible, many districts have paired up with Kentucky State Police to go over exactly what to do in situations like an active shooter.

State police say they launched their Safe Schools Initiative back in 2012 after the shooting in Sandy Hook and since then they’ve trained hundreds of school across the Commonwealth on how to best prepare and respond to what is many students and staff worst nightmare.

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KSP officials say their school safety training is one of the most innovative and comprehensive programs available.

“We tailor what it is that we’re going for their needs, trying to suit them as best as possible,” said Lt. Michael Webb with Kentucky State Police.

The training offers four levels of support.

Level one is a review of the schools current action plan and recommendations.

Level two involves troopers participating in a school “lock down” drill.

Level three, KSP will do a walk-through and help the school make itself a harder target for attack.

Finally, level four, a day long training for staff which includes participating in an active shooter scenario.

“A great many of those teachers enter the training with trepidation and anxiety and fear. Once they go through that training they come out on the other side, they are thankful, their eyes are opened and they are so much better prepared and every person just about without fail that goes through that training thanks us and see the value in it,” said Lt. Webb.

Law enforcement officials say while it can be hard for some people to fathom doing active shooter drills as often as earthquake drills, they say the end goal is worth the training.

“It’s to send students and teachers and faculty and staff home safe at the end of the day to their families that they left earlier that morning.We want them to be able to go home safely to their families,” said Lt. Webb.

Law enforcement officials encourage any parents worried about their child’s safety at school contact their school district and ask them if they’ve participated in KSP’s training and if not encourage them to do so.