House passes bill to help officers cope with job stresses

Ky. House of Representatives

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – The Kentucky House has passed a bill to help law enforcement officers cope with the emotional aftermath of traumatic cases they encounter.

House members voted 95-0 Thursday to send the measure to the Senate.

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The measure calls for creation of a professional development and wellness program. It would offer counseling and peer support to help officers deal with the stress of their jobs.

Republican Rep. Ken Fleming, the bill’s lead sponsor, says mental health professionals would offer the assistance. He says the proposal recognizes that officers can encounter “life-altering situations” including shootings and other violence.

He says follow-up sessions would help ensure that officers trying to overcome the trauma of violent cases are “on track to heal” emotionally. The program would also assist officers’ families.


The legislation is House Bill 68.