Historic number of women and teachers file to run for office


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- Election season has officially arrived here in Kentucky as a historic number of candidates filed to run for office. Three hundred candidates are running for seats in the state legislature alone.

A rally at the Capitol Wednesday gave people the chance to meet a bi-partisan group of 40 candidates from across the Commonwealth all with one thing in common, a background in education.

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The group made up of 33 democrats and seven republicans, 23 of which are women and 17 men, all rallied in the Capitol rotunda Wednesday afternoon, calling for change in the state legislature.

Many of these candidates say they chose to run for office on a platform dedicated to improving education in Kentucky.

One of those candidates was Denise Gray, a current teacher in Fayette County, who said she’s not only running for education, but also to show diversity is needed in government.

“I deal with students from a Title One aspect, which means free and reduced lunch and I just saw the effects of previous policies and how it was detrimental to them. I decided to run because I saw that my students self-esteem was not where it needed to be, and they needed to someone that looked like them, that can from the same type of environment as them, to go on and do great things,” Gray, a Democrat running for the 28th district, said.


Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, one of the most prominent female politicians in the south, says she is happy to see more women getting into the race.


“It was exciting to see so many folks stepping forward and to me it goes beyond gender. I think you’re going to see the content of what these candidates are bringing forward, the reason they’re coming forward. Number one reason education, protecting our kids looking out for our students and hopefully building a brighter future for the state,” Lundergan Grimes said.

In addition to educators, a historic number of women, more than 90 in all, have filed to run for office.

Something both parties say they are excited about.