Lexington elementary school hosts seminar on childhood anxiety


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – It’s a nationwide issue that many people in the U.S. face, including children. We’re talking about anxiety.

Thursday night, some parents met at Lansdowne Elementary to learn how to spot anxiety and other disorders, and help their children manage these issues.

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“Take a look around our world to start with and you see the anxiety everywhere,” said Lansdowne Elementary School Counselor Brenda Adams.

That’s why faculty and staff used their monthly parent night to teach parents about anxiety and other disorders their children may develop.

“For kids who don’t really understand all the things and aren’t able to articulate what is happening in their world, they may feel the anxiety and its not really important for them to know why, it’s just important for them to have skills and strategies to calm themselves down,” said Adams.

So, while the adults were in the seminar, teachers showed the kids different ways to relax and gain control of their feelings.

Coloring, yoga and playing with sand were just a few of the activities.

The main goal? Letting kids know there is always someone there for them.

Adams says Lansdowne has a high population of students with English as a second language. She says several are refugees from war-torn countries.

“They’ve seen things that we only see on the news and worse,” said Adams.

Others, she says, with the current political climate, are concerned their families may be sent out of the U.S.

“If they come home from school one day and their parents are deported, that’s an actual conversation that I’ve had with kids,” said Adams.

All of these are reasons, on top of everyday life, that could cause anxiety or other disorders to arise.

The school says parents of students who attend Lansdowne Elementary can email the school for a copy of the presentation from Thursday’s meeting, if they were unable to attend.

For parents outside of Lansdowne Elementary, the school suggests reaching out to the leadership in your child’s school. They remind parents the counselors and other faculty and staff in every school, in every district, are always there to support them and their children.