Lexington prepares for Snow/Ice Storm


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Crews in Lexington have been out monitoring to road conditions since early Friday morning.

Crews with Lexington’s Streets and Roads Division tell me they weren’t able to pre-treat any of the roads here in town because of the rain we saw earlier Friday.

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Officials say the rain makes it impossible to pre-treat roads because if crews were to spray salt brine it would just get washed away by the rain.

That is exactly why officials are cautioning drivers to be very careful during their evening commute because with temperatures hovering right around freezing and that is when we can see large amounts of black ice forming across the area.

Officials say even though you may not see snow Friday night, you shouldn’t go out if it’s not necessary.

“Really reconsider whether you know you need to go get a redbox movie or a half gallon of milk that you really don’t need and kind of consider not taking some of those extra trips,” said Rob Allen with Lexington’s Streets and Roads.

The city activated their snow plan Friday and will have crews our all night monitoring the road conditions.

They do want to remind people, if there is snow and people choose to drive in it, please be mindful of the snow plows which tend to make wide turns and have large blind spots like a school bus.