Shoppers prepare for winter weather


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – With snow and ice coming to the state, people have been hitting grocery stores, and clearing the shelves, all day.

“My pastor said ‘Everybody don’t wait until Friday to get milk and bread because there won’t be any,” said shopper Tonya Wooldridge.

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Wise words, as necessities fly off the shelves.

Employees at Bryant’s Pic Pac say it was busy all day Thursday as people came in and grabbed the essentials, preparing for the winter weather that’s on the way.

“You hear three to six inches, one to three inches, two to four inches, ice,” said Wooldridge. “Ice is not good. I don’t like ice.”

That’s why she did her shopping early and is encouraging others to do the same.

“Get everything that you need, especially where I live because you’re not getting out until it thaws out,” said Wooldridge.

For those working at Bryant’s, snow in the forecast means good business.

“Many times, sometimes the busiest day I’ve ever had in the grocery business,” said store owner Danny Bryant.

Bryant’s shelves aren’t quite empty, but some are starting to get that way.

“It’s hard, you do run out,” said Bryant. “You can’t get resupplied, trucks can’t get on the road.”

Bryant says in addition to your bread, milk and eggs, you should grab water, a flashlight and batteries to have on hand in case you lose power.