Community action council kicks off LIHEAP


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Some people can’t afford to stay warm in the winter, so the community action council steps in.

it has a program that helps people pay their energy bills and that program started up again Monday.

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Community action council’s low-income home energy assistance crisis program, other wise known as LIHEAP, provides benefits to families to assist with a disconnect notice or a heating crisis.

“It’s a federally funded program, its a nationwide program. All community action agencies around the nation are currently in this time of year of giving.”

Last year LIHEAP served over 6,000 people using approximately 1.25 million dollars in federal funds.

“This program runs out when the funds run out or it usually lasts until about April. Typically the temperatures have been kind of warm, so they haven’t been utilized as much.”

The purpose of the program is to make sure people aren’t making life or death decisions in the cold weather.

One of the participants tells ABC 36 he’s glad his sister told him about it.

Living on disability with piles of medical bills, George says everybody needs a little help sometimes.

“It’s a blessing that this place is here and it helps a lot of people, it keeps the heat on, through the winter especially bills get high and it really has helped me a lot.”

“We definitely want to make sure that we are helping people who are in need, those are seniors, our children from this cold weather, its really important to let people know that there is help available.”

All eligible applicants will receive a benefit amount that is based on their income and primary fuel type.

Benefit amounts range from $34 to $274, with the average benefit being $150 per household.

All vouchers are paid directly to the primary fuel vendor with no funds being distributed directly to the applicant household.

Some agencies offer pre-enrollment during the month of October for the elderly and the disabled.

Contact your local community action agency for more information on pre-enrollment.