Complaint filed against House Speaker Jeff Hoover


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- No comment from House Speaker Jeff Hoover after eight of his colleagues filed a complaint against him Wednesday. The Republicans are asking that Hoover be removed from office.

The complaint comes after the House Speaker admitted he settled a sexual harassment complaint with a staffer.

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The Majority Leader and Minority Leader now have a day to form a committee to investigate. It is all per a new rule the house adopted Tuesday on its first day of the session.

A bipartisan committee made up of three Republicans and three Democrats will investigate. The complaint against Hoover is not public, but the eight Republican representatives who filed it accuse the speaker of sexual harassment, creating a hostile work place, and using his power as a legislator to hide it.

Two months ago, Hoover said he wouldd resign his leadership role, admitting he secretly settled a sexual harassment suit with a woman who worked for the House Republican Caucus. He denied any harassment, but said he sent inappropriate, but consensual text messages.

At the start of the session yesterday, though, Hoover did not resign. Instead, he said he is putting the Speaker Pro Tem in charge until an ethics investigation is complete.

We do know representatives took part today in an annual sexual harassment training. Some of them spoke out about it on the house floor.

“I would ask us to seriously state to the public today when we can expect a proper debate, with enormous regard for your service, Sir, enormous regard, for who is the speaker of the house,” Representative Kelly Flood said.

“It was a good presentation. It was well attended…there was conversation, but it was a private meeting so those conversations were had in private.” Speaker Pro Tem David Osborne said.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how the Republican majority deals with that and how they move forward because it’s like a shadow hanging over this chamber and I think everybody feels that and everybody sees that,” House Minority Leader Rocky Adkins said.

The speaker agreed to talk to ABC 36 Wednesday after the House was adjourned, but left before that happened.


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