Mom to Mom – Scuba Santa at Newport Aquarium


Sarah: Hi moms, Sarah here with Mom to Mom. I am back at one of my favorite places in Kentucky, Newport Aquarium. I’ve got Jingles the elf with me straight from the North Pole.
Jingles the elf: Of course.
Sarah: Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for joining us in Kentucky.
Jingles the elf: Thanks for coming.
Sarah: What do you have going on here?
Jingles the elf: Scuba Santa is here right now.
Sarah: Santa?
Jingles the elf: And he’s here…
Sarah: Hold that thought.
Jingles the elf: Okay.
Sarah: I’m going to go find him.
Jingles the elf: All right
Sarah: Oh my gosh, kids. Look who I found! Santa, here in Kentucky and he’s in a shark tank.
Santa: Absolutely.
Sarah: Oh my goodness, you’re brave.
Santa: I absolutely love it in the shark tank. They are so nice to me. They’re all my friends.
Sarah: I love that. So what are they getting for Christmas?
Santa: The sharks have been so good to me this year that I think I’m going to get them some dental floss to clean all those teeth.
Sarah: That is exactly what they need. Now the most important question that I have for you, is my name on the nice list in your book?
Santa: Let me check, Sarah. You know I check this list twice.
Sarah: Okay. That’s Sarah with an h, don’t forget.
Santa: Congratulations, you have made the list.
Sarah: Good. I’ve tried to be so good all year.
Santa: Very well.
Sarah: Good to know.
Santa: Ho ho ho.
Sarah: Thank you Santa. Thank you for coming from the North Pole to see Kentucky.
Santa: Thank you for coming to see me. Ho ho ho.
Sarah: Jingles.
Jingles the elf: Oh hey.
Sarah: I’m on the nice list.
Jingles the elf: Oh good.
Sarah: Yeah, phew. I was worried there. So at Newport Aquarium, Santa, the elves, they’re all here.
Jingles the elf: Yeah.
Sarah: For scuba Santa.
Jingles the elf: Yeah.
Sarah: Your water wonderland.
Jingles the elf: We are here all the way through New Year’s Eve, except for Christmas Day.
Sarah: Yeah, he needs a day of rest.
Jingles the elf: Oh definitely.
Sarah: That’s for sure. So the cool thing about it is, kids can come up, tell him what they want for Christmas, see if they’re on the nice list, all that good stuff.
Jingles the elf: Absolutely.
Sarah: And another cool thing is the bubble wishes.
Jingles the elf: Oh yeah, so if you come here we’ve got bubbles that fall from the sky and if you pop each bubble, it sets the wish that’s inside that bubble free and makes it come true.
Sarah: Oh I like that.
Jingles the elf: Even the really small ones. That could be a tiny diamond.
Sarah: Nice. Now Santa has brought the adults a gift too. Tell us about that.
Jingles the elf: Oh yes, so right now if you purchase your ticket online only, all the way through Christmas, you must use it before Christmas though, you can come into the aquarium and only pay the kid’s price, if you’re an adult.
Sarah: That is a gift from Santa.
Jingles the elf: That really is.
Sarah: So come on out, moms and dads. Bring your kids. See Scuba Santa and Jingles and all the other little elves here.
Jingles the elf: Yeah, release your inner child. It’s fun.
Sarah: Exactly. Exactly. Thank you so much, jingles.
Jingles the elf: You’re welcome.
Sarah: Always a great time here.
Jingles the elf: Want to go pop some bubbles?
Sarah: Let’s do it. For ABC 36, join me next Monday for another edition of Mom-to-Mom.