She refused him a marriage license. Now, he wants her job.


MOREHEAD, Ky. (WTVQ) – She denied him a marriage license. Now, David Ermold wants to take her job.

The 43-year-old University of Pikeville humanities professor officially launched his campaign Wednesday to unseat Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis.

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Ermold and his now-husband were two of the people Davis denied marriage licenses to in 2015 after the Supreme Court upheld marriage equality.

Ermold says he’s running to return integrity and fairness to the clerk’s office.

“This campaign is about bringing people together. It’s about unity. It’s about the people of this county, and that’s what we’re going to do. Come hell or high water, we are going to bring this community together. We’re going to bring Kentucky together. We’re going to try to bring the country together. It’s just a good thing. It’s just a good thing,” Ermold said as he smiled.

Just before the announcement, he filed officially with Kim Davis. In 2015, she denied him, and others, marriage licenses even after a federal judge ordered her to issue them. She said then doing so would violate her religious beliefs. Davis became clerk in 2014, but before that she worked in the office when her mother was clerk. Now, her son works under her. Ermold says it is time for a change. T

There are three other democrats running right now for the chance to go up against Davis. They are Elwood Caudill, Nashia Fife, and James L. Jessee.

Ermold says he thinks he’s the man for the job partially because he will work to bring people together even in a tough race. ABC 36 contacted Kim Davis Wednesday morning for her perspective, but she has not responded.