Mom to Mom-Vestibular Rehabilitation


Sarah Pannell: Hey, moms. Sarah here with Mom to Mom. I’m over here at Kort Physical Therapy in Paris. I’ve got Sara Hochgesang with me, doctor of physical therapy. Thank you so much for joining us today.
Sara: Thank you for having me.
Sarah Pannell: Today we’re gonna talk about vertigo. I know so many people that struggle with this.
Sara: Definitely.
Sarah Pannell: so many people don’t know that there could be a cure for this.
Sara: Definitely.
Sarah Pannell: Right here, in Paris.
Sara: Exactly.
Sarah Pannell: Tell us a little bit about that.
Sara: At any of our Kort locations, we offer what we call vestibular rehabilitation. So, it’s kind of a fancy word for saying we’re gonna investigate the eyes, the ears, and how they’re all interacting. What our goal is, is when we bring that patient in, we’re gonna talk about what they’re experiencing. Some people might say, “Oh, I just get dizzy when I get out of a chair.” other people might say, “When I roll over in bed, I feel like I’m gonna fall out of bed,” even though they’re in the middle of it. We’re gonna talk about their symptoms; that way we can really guide our exam.
Then what we’ll do is we’ll take them through a series of test. Some of it, we’re gonna be looking at the eyes. Are they tracking well? Can they make transitions well? Are they able to convert? Can they get that depth perception, things like that. Then what we’ll do is we’ll take them through more the ear part of the exam. This is gonna include some balance testing, since that kind of helps us keep that equilibrium. It’s also gonna take us through some positional tests on the table. What those are, there’s a classic one called the dix hallpike and a few others that we’ll take them through based on what their symptom presentation is and kind of what they’re telling us.
Sarah Pannell: So, for folks out there that want to find out more information or schedule an appointment, where should they go?
Sara: they can scheduled online at We offer online scheduling, as well as we try to get you in within 24 hours, so you’re not left dealing with these symptoms. In the state of Kentucky, you do not need a referral, so check out one of our 50 clinics across the state.
Sarah Pannell: thank you so much, Sara. Always a pleasure.
Sara: Thank you very much.
Sarah Pannell: for ABC 36, join me next Monday for another issue of Mom to Mom.