Progressive groups hold protest against GOP Tax Plan


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- With the senate expected to vote on a federal tax reform bill soon, critics of the proposed plan are taking to the streets calling for its defeat.

A group against the republican-backed plan hosted a rally in Lexington Wednesday.

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Activists and politicians came together in front of the courthouse to advocate against the GOP’s federal tax plan that is expected to be voted on by Congress sometime this week.

The rally, hosted by a group of progressive organizations, focused on discrediting the republican’s plan.

Democratic congressional candidates Amy McGrath and Reggie Thomas were among the speakers calling the proposed tax bill a slap in the face to middle class America.

“You will see mandatory cuts to medicaid if this tax cut goes through,” said Amy McGrath, a democratic congressional candidate.

They say the plan will mainly cut taxes for the rich and make life harder for a majority of Kentuckians and are calling on lawmakers to vote in the best interest of their constituents.

“To hold them accountable and at least remind folks that Kentuckians are opposed to this plan and lots of folks are going to get hurt by it. This is really the point. We are not just talking about numbers and principals and concepts, we are talking about actual peoples lives are going to be negatively impacted here in Kentucky,” said Sellus Wilder, the rally organizer.

Republicans on the other hand say this tax reform bill is a step in the right direction.

“First of all simplify the tax code. Second of all ease some of the burden on middle class families and third of all create an environment that’s more conductive to job creation and to getting more people into better paying jobs,” said Tres Watson, with the Republican Party of Kentucky.

The campaign against this bill will continue here in Kentucky on Friday when Senator Bernie Sanders is scheduled to hold a rally in Louisville.