Lexington students learn about fire, emergencies and city government


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Students at one Lexington high school were learning about city government with the help of fire hoses, CPR dummies and the jaws of life.

The Youth Citizens Academy held its inaugural event on Monday and Tuesday at Frederick Douglass High School.

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The academy is a joint pilot project between Angela Evans, the 6th District councilmember, and Frederick Douglass High School, and is designed to provide students with a hands-on look at the functions of city government.

Its first event was two-day Fire and Emergency Services Field Day at the high school.

Around 250 freshman were able to do some hands-on training at several interactive stations.

With the Lexington Fire Department, students used fire hoses and got a look around a working fire engine. They were also able to see how firefighters extricate a person from a car wreck.

They were also taught CPR and bleeding control.

Captain Jordan Saas with the Lexington Fire Department says this event not only shows students where taxpayer’s money goes to but also gets them thinking about possible career options.

“Our goal both with city council or any education program in Fayette County is to open their eyes to possibilities and the options that might await them if they stay in school, get good grades and stay out of trouble,” says Saas. “This could very well be a viable career opportunity for them.”