Detroit priest known for his humility to be beatified


DETROIT (AP) — A Detroit priest celebrated for his humility will be beatified in a ceremony in Detroit this weekend, bringing him a step closer to possible sainthood.

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The beatification Mass for the Rev. Solanus Casey, known as Father Solanus to his many admirers, will be held Saturday at a Detroit football stadium capable of accommodating the more than 60,000 people expected to attend.

Earlier this year, Pope Francis said Father Solanus met the requirements to earn the title of “blessed,” especially after a woman from Panama was cured of a skin disease while she prayed at his tomb in 2012.

Father Solanus was a Catholic priest, but he was barred from giving homilies because of academic struggles. He instead dedicated himself to helping the poor and counseling people with emotional and health problems. He died in 1957.