Break-in, theft at Franklin County Humane Society

Photo Courtesy: National Weather Service

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Franklin County Humane Society says thieves broke into their shelter, stealing a safe and traumatizing a dog.

The shelter said on its Facebook page that the thieves broke a window and stole a safe from their office either Friday night or early Saturday.

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The shelter also said the days before the break-in were “very successful for adoptions and donations and all of those fees were stolen.”

The front desk donation box was also taken.

The shelter said, while none of the shelter animals were harmed, their office dog, Roscoe T, was in the office when it happened and was emotionally traumatized for a couple of days but is now feeling like his old self again.

The shelter also thanked Captain Chris Quire with the Frankfort Police Department for donating $500 to help make up the loss.