Two Lexingtonians survive Las Vegas Shooting


LAS VEGAS, NV. (WTVQ)- There were thousands of people at the concert, during the shooting including many with ties to Kentucky.

James Ochsenbein and Chad Perkins say they were at last night’s concert for work, live streaming interviews with stars backstage, when all the sudden gunshots rang out and panic ensued.

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“It was extremely loud and at that point I knew something was not quite right,” said Perkins.

Ochsenbein and Perkins say they were finishing up their job at the country music festival in Las Vegas Sunday night when they heard gunshots and chaos erupted.

“Upwards of 20 plus thousand people running for their lives. Just trampling over each other. It’s just, I couldn’t believe it. I was like is this actually really happening,” said Perkins.

The pair, employees of the Lexington-based production company, Post Time Studios, were backstage when the shots rang out and say they quickly ran for cover in a nearby trailer.

“So we hunkered down in there. Locked the door turned the lights off and just hoped to god that we weren’t going to be shot,” said Perkins.

The two say they continued to hear gunshots for more than five minutes then finally after the shots ended walked out to find the venue in complete disarray.

“You’d look down on the sidewalk and there was just bloody footprints heading out. There was clothing, shoes, purses, just stuff scattered everywhere. Obviously people just ran out in shear panic,” said Perkins.

Ochsenbein and Perkins say they eventually got back to their hotel safely but say they’re still shaken up and haven’t come to terms with the fact that they survived the deadliest mass shooting in recent american history.

“It’s very surreal and it’s very numbing but we’re just so thankful that we were one of the lucky ones, the fortunate ones and our thoughts just go out to those who were not fortunate,” said Perkins.

Ochsenbein and Perkins say they don’t expect to make it back to Lexington for at least another day or so, as they have to try and recover their equipment much of which is still inside the area roped off as a crime scene.