People in Lexington are putting their gloves up and guns down


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A UK boxing coach is working to get kids in Lexington to pick up the boxing gloves and put down the guns. His reason is personal.

The city of Lexington has seen 20 murders this year due to gun violence. One organization lost some of their own to it this year. That’s why legends youth boxing club is taking a stand and raising awareness.

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People are putting their gloves up and guns down here at legends youth boxing club. UK boxing coach William Farris is trying to raise gun violence awareness after seeing five of his students die from gun violence this year alone.

Farris says guns are plaguing the community and that’s why he created ‘Gloves, up Guns Down.” He’s holding a series of boxing events to raise awareness around Lexington.

“It’s one of those things that I always believed in, really no bad kids, just bad influences, and I knew all of these kids personally and we had a relationship, a mentorship relationship and it hit with the heart of my soul you know and it’s sad and it frightens me to see you know these things happening continually if we don’t do anything about it as citizens.”

LYBC is selling T-shirts with their gloves up guns down logo to help spread the message around town. Farris hopes that people walk away from this event knowing how serious gun violence can be.