Rally4Recovery celebrates addiction-free life


WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – September is National Recovery Month. As part of the celebrations, people in Winchester gathered to share stories and reflect on how they overcame different kinds of addictions Friday at the second annual Rally4Recovery.

Through music and shared testimonies, the Winchester community came together in support of one another on their journeys in recovery.

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“They think that they’re alone,” said Celebrate Recovery Director Juanita Everman. “They think that nobody else is struggling like their struggling, nobody else is an addict. So they need to know, we all struggle.”

Everman was also an addict. She has been recovered for 21 years.

After tonight’s event, recovering addicts went on a remembrance walk.

For 20-year-old Kyle Hansche, it was about remembering his story. He says his biological father was a drug addict, and influenced him at an early age.

“When I turned 17-years-old, I used heroin for the first time,” said Hansche. “I was already addicted to opioids and that just completely took me away.”

He found refuge in a support group and committed himself to a better life. Two years later, Hansche says it was the best decision he has made.

“For the longest time, I hated myself and I hated who I was,” said Hansche. Being on the other side of addiction, I know I don’t have it beat, but being on the other side, it just feels so much better. There’s nothing that I could use that would make me feel like the way that I do now.”

Hansche says he shares his story to show people they can stop the addiction cycle.

“Change is real,” said Hansche. “Once you make the decision and say ‘yes, I want to change,’ it’ll happen. You can break it.”

Rally4Recovery continues Saturday with more speakers, performances and a 5K race. Registration for the 5K begins
Saturday at 7:30 a.m.