Hot & muggy with spotty afternoon showers


We saw patchy fog once again this morning, now mostly sunny skies. Temperatures this afternoon will top out in the mid to upper 80s. Dew points are still in the 60s, so it will be a hot and muggy day with feels like temperatures coming close to 90 in some spots. There is a chance for spotty showers this afternoon. Lows tonight will drop into the mid 60s with mostly clear skies and patchy fog developing once again. We’ll see more sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 80s Friday, which is our first day of fall. Fall arrives at 4:02 PM Friday. Temperatures stay in the mid to upper 80s through the weekend with mostly sunny skies and muggy conditions. Dew points look to drop slightly by early next week. Since they will be higher the next few days, we will still see patchy morning fog into the weekend.

-Meteorologist Elise Dolinar