Labor Day marks close of Lexington pools


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ- It is the last hurrah. Labor Day has important meaning, but many among us also consider it the unofficial last day of Summer.

It is certainly the last day Lexington’s city pools are open.

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There is something about water. It just makes you feel free, and so does summer. What better combination?

“The pool’s really awesome in the summer,” said 5th grader Annabelle Ariizumi

Labor Day is bittersweet there. It is the last pool day of the season.

“Kinda sad, but also kinda happy because if we did it all year then this would be freezing,” Ariizumi said.

Still, the weather did stop her from enjoying the last few hours at the pool.

“Great thing about summer is you get to see your friends. You also get no school,” Ariizumi said.

Even those with “school” are saying goodbye.

“Well, I won’t have to use as much sunscreen now,” Ed Norton said.

The pool is a place for him to exercise.

“Swimming you exercise more muscles in your body than any other exercise. I highly recommend it to anybody watching,” Norton said to ABC 36’s camera.

A final whistle from the lifeguards signaled then end. The pool is closed for the season.

“Sad, but we’ll look forward to next season,” Emily Ariizumi said.