Man airlifted after falling down a cliff and getting stuck


FRENCHBURG, Ky. (WTVQ) – Rescue crews say they’ve airlifted a man to UK hospital after he fell 75 feet off a cliff.

That was near Amos Ridge Road Sunday in Frenchburg.
Dispatchers say 23-year-old Dakota Reed was stuck there between rocks overnight.

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It all started when family members noticed Reed never came back from a backyard trail. His sister-in-law Claudia Reed says when relatives came looking they heard moans and groans.

“You really don’t expect things to happen to your family members until they do and its scary whenever it does.”

Reed says first responders told her family her brother-in-law fell 75 feet down a cliff and was wedged between two rocks.
We were there 18 hours later when rescue crews finally freed him.

“You gotta be really careful back there I mean I don’t urge anybody to go around cliffs like that because it is really dangerous.”

Family and friends feared the worst but reed was fully conscious and talking with his family after being pulled from the rocks. The family says he has a hole the size of a football on his back and he complained about not being able to feel his legs.

“What they was telling her, he could have some internal bleeding they don’t know yet and that’s why they really don’t know how to move him and good and it’s taking awhile.”

First responders say accidents like this happen more than you might realize.

“All we can do is just hope for the best every time we get called out what we do is our best and when you give your best you get your best.”

Reed was taken by ambulance to the bottom of the hill where he was then airlifted to UK medical center. No word on the extent of his injuries.

Rescue crews say first responders from all over the area came to help. Luckily, none of them were hurt while pulling Reed from the rocks.