Demolition begins on two dorms at EKU


RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) -Plenty of change, at Eastern Kentucky University in the past few years. The spokesperson says it’s the most construction the college has seen since the 1960’s. Thursday, demolition began on a dorm building making way for more improvements.

It’s all a part of EKU’s campus renewal plan. It’s been an era of rapid and transnational change, but current students and Alum are reminiscing on what was once there.

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“It became a home, a second home. I had a lot of great memories there. I met some of my best friends there.”

The twin dorms, Todd and Dupree were built in 1964 and served as housing for Greek life the past 13 years. University spokesperson Kristi Middleton, says it actually costs more to maintain older buildings than it costs to build new.

“This new generation of students wants a lot of different amenities that those old buildings can’t always offer. Across campus we have replaced our existing older housing in some cases with newer facilities but, we are re-purposing some of those spaces to have modern conveniences that we know students like and expect.”

Geoffrey Scott, an EKU Alum that lived and worked in Dupree hall for four years, agrees.

“I mean a lot of kids want the newest thing, they don’t want the dorms that were built in 1960, they want the suite style, they want the super nice rec center and things like that so, if you want more students to come to the college, you need to keep up with what students want.”

“As these buildings come down behind me, in the next two years, Eastern students will see something brand new. A state of the art recreation center with an indoor pool.”

“Our existing rec enter can get pretty crowded at times, it’s open to students, it’s also open to alums and the student government back in 2015 voted to use a student fee for the student recreation center that will be an expansion of the student recreation center that we already have.”

Demolition is expected to go through October and will not effect classes. As for Greek life, Middleton says sororities and fraternities have the option to move into one of the new dorms on campus.

“The memories of hundreds of students are part of these buildings.”

“I mean you can’t really tear down a memory, it’s something you hold and you cherish and you carry it on with you the rest of your life.”