Local county fairs stress safety after Ohio accident


MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)-  With fair season getting into full swing here in Kentucky many are wondering how safe these rides really are and what goes into making sure accidents like the one in Ohio don’t happen here.
Just one days after that horrific accident at the Ohio State Fair people here in Madison County are hosting opening night of their own fair. They say while the accident has sparked conversation they stand behind the safety of all their rides.
Fair organizers say all of their rides are inspected by Kentucky’s Department of Agriculture.
Inspectors were actually out here this afternoon doing a re-inspection of one of the rides.
The department says it conducts initial inspections on every ride that is set up in the state once a year and then can conduct re-inspections of any rides they’d like at any time and as many times as they want.
Officials with the department say they were saddened by the news of the accident in Ohio but it did not change their protocol in any way.
“You know it did not change the way we do business. We already had people on the schedule to do re-inspections today. We are out inspecting today but it was already on the schedule for the guys to go out. Commissioners biggest concern is safety for the public and we will continue to do our re-inspections and our initials throughout the year. We don’t care if you have one ride or a hundred rides we treat all owners the same,” said Chad Halsey with the department of agriculture.

Department officials tell me the way you can know that a ride has been inspected and approved is by looking for a large orange sticker on the front of the ride with the departments logo and the year 2017. If you don’t see a sticker like that the department asks you call them and tell them where that ride is so they can go out and inspect it. Officials with the Madison County Fair here tell me all of their rides have been inspected and approved here and will open to the public tonight if the weather here cooperates.

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