Store forced to throw away thousands of dollars worth of food after gasoline spill


CASEY COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- A popular lunch stop in Dunnville will be closed for at least the next week after a truck spilled more than a thousand gallons of gasoline behind the store.
Employees of Dogwalk Market have been in here all day throwing away food and other contaminated items after a semi truck carrying thousands of gallons of gasoline overturned while pulling into their store.
Officials say just before two o’clock Tuesday a semi truck dropping off gasoline at this market pulled into the wrong entrance and slid down a hill, tipping over and spilling around 1200 gallons of gasoline.
The area was evacuated as crews worked to clean up the mess that contaminated a large area of soil behind the store.
Officials say much of the food and other products inside the store were also contaminated by the fumes from the spill.
“So we don’t want to put them in harms way and feed them anything that’s contaminated so just to be safe we’re going to throw away all this stuff out here and how much that’s going to cost I don’t know,” said Mary Langley, environmental health and safety specialist for Tarter.
Crews tell me they will be out here at least until the end of the week cleaning up and making sure everything that was contaminated is disposed of correctly.

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