Fayette County Public Schools hosts first State of the Schools Address


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- In their first ever State of the Schools address, Fayette County Public Schools officials are asking for community support.

Superintendent Manny Caulk focused his speech on how to improve Fayette County Public Schools to make students both college and career ready.

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After two years of heading Fayette County Public Schools, superintendent Manny Caulk addressed members of the district and county to share what progress they’ve made and their goals for the future.

“The first goal post was to establish capacity to lead our schools. The next goal post is to close the opportunity and achievement gap,” said Superintendent Caulk.

To reach that goal, Caulk campaigned for a student first approach asking education and city leaders along with individual families to promote learning for all children.

“It’s all three working together in concert towards that goal of making sure that each and every child fulfills his or her unlimited potential,” said Superintendent Caulk.

Caulk’s speech comes on the same day Kentucky’s new charter school law goes into effect.

Some state lawmakers attended his speech and spoke on how charters could impact this district.

“We’re still in sort of a state of flux. Not really understanding how this is all going to shake out, what the ultimate resolution will be and the formulation of that will be. But I think it’s something we really have to be careful of,” said St. Rep. George Brown Jr., (D) House District 77.

Caulk didn’t mention the potential impact of charter schools in his speech, instead focused on improving the district from within.

“It’s about excellent schools, excellent staff, excellent supports and excellent relationships,” said Superintendent Caulk.

The superintendent capped his speech by highlighting the districts achievements over the past two years but also calling on the county to come together to help every student reach their academic potential.