First gay pride interfaith prayer service held in lexington


As gay pride weekend in Lexington came to a close, some in the LGBTQ community hosted what they’re calling the first ever gay pride interfaith prayer service. It’s the first of it’s kind, all different faiths, sexualities, and races coming together to celebrate who they are and that God doesn’t discriminate. One event organizer says the LGBTQ community is still not widely accepted.

“Because I’m gay I’ve been a victim of discrimination and injustice and I really knew that once the marriage equality decision was made in the Supreme Court, there would be another backlash if you will and I think that’s where a lot of that is coming from.”

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In an emotional moment the audience linked hands to pray for acceptance, event organizer JR Zerkowski says it’s a movement that will likely bring change.

“I think as a community we need to have each others backs, it’s just imperative that we see each other as family, that we see each other as people with dignity, the same dignity that you have and I got, the same dignity that everyone else has in this whole room. When we begin understanding that, we wont let the rhetoric, the idiology, or theologies. Just all the awful things that people say effect us.”

After the service, organizers are in agreement that hope and possibilities lie ahead.

“I think things are changing, my own mother, I grew up Southern Baptist in Eastern Kentucky, it took my own mom about twenty years to come around but now she’s a member of my church and she was singing in this choir so change is possible and we are just going to keep at it.”

“I think all they have to do is learn who another person is. We think often times about another person because we don’t know them, but when we know them our thoughts change and change becomes very easy. It’s heart to heart and we don’t have poor words to say about one another. So yeah change is absolutely essential and it’s happening.”

An offering was also taken during the service in order to establish a scholarship from the LGBTQ community for a child with special needs attending the Child Development Center of the Bluegrass.