Man gets stabbed by burglar


Frankfort Police are looking for a man who broke into a home and stabbed a neighbor on Holmes Street in broad daylight. ABC 36 sat down and spoke with the homeowners about their scary experience and how their neighbor helped fight back.

Herbert Bryant and his wife Jamie Bryant said it started out like any other day, until Mr. Bryant got a phone call from his next door neighbor Chad, who said someone was beating on his door and that he saw him go to the back of the house. Herbert rushed home from work and met neighbor Chad behind the home. Both men found the screen door ripped out and open.

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“I said well i will go in first in case it’s somebody I might know, and he said I will stay right behind you and so I came in the back door where it was already open and i walked in through the kitchen and I looked in the bedroom to the left and there was a man in there with his back toward me. He was going through all the dresser drawers and had a pillow case he took off the bed and was filling it full of stuff out of the drawers in the back room. I said “what are you doing in here?” and he turned around and he lunged at me and knocked me across the kitchen table over in the floor, and he headed out the back door and when he did, Chad grabbed him.”

Bryant’s neighbor tried to stop him, but the burglar stabbed him twice in the arm with one of the knives he stole from the home. He then took off running towards the trailer park across the street leaving behind his UK cap as evidence.

Bryant said, “He acted like he was high on something, and he just kept fighting him and jabbing him with that knife.”

Police say the man was taken to Frankfort Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. Jamie Bryant said she can’t thank her neighbor enough for saving her husbands life. Even though they have lived on Holmes Street for over 30 years, Jamie says she no longer feels safe there.

“I used to just lay down and leave my door unlocked and open, this is broad daylight!”

“The man was out to hurt somebody and get away, out to hurt someone and get away no matter what it took,” said Herbert.

The Bryants say he took off with some jewlery, change, and a few knives. They described him as a thinly built, tall white man with curly hair wearing a grey t-shirt and dark pants. Anyone with any information is encouraged to call the Frankfort Police Department. You can call anonymously at (502) 875-8525 or you can send a text to 274637.